Civil and Electrical works

Cedos has the manpower to construct, install and maintain overhead low-voltage and high-voltage power lines and general electrical wiring in buildings.

Geotechnical Investigation

Cedos has a team of qualified surveyors who are fully equipped with total stations, dumpy levels and theodolites. Services include plot boundary opening and mapping services.

Architectural and Structural services

We provide architectural services and structural design for different construction projects.

Real Estate and development

We offer the full range of construction services for real estate development from earth works and designs to construction for commercial and residential purposes.

Biogas Design and Development

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Project Management

Cedos works closely with development partners providing project management support and advice through budgeting, planning and implementation. This is aimed at building and strengthening the capacity within a crucial area of construction business

Health, Safety and Environment

At CEDOS safety is everyone’s responsibility. We ensure safe working conditions for our teams, we provide training and supervise all personnel safety. We believe in protection of our environment for future generations and are committed to providing the best services which are safe for both human and environment. CEDOS’s objective is to promote a working environment where health, safety and environmental awareness are fundamental parts of the corporate culture. The health and safety of employees, contractors, clients, visitors, and the local communities affected by CEDOS activities is a key priority. Employees are responsible for maintaining predetermined health and safety standards and conduct daily “tool box talks” to assess risks and prevent accidents.