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Why Cedos?

CEDOS is an engineering company which provides services in civil and electrical works, geotechnical investigation, surveying, supply of construction materials, transport services and landscaping within the region.
Cedos Investments Limited was founded in 2019 and is in the initial stages of its growth. We have been able to partner with Gel Engineering International for geotechnical works and George Edward Mansion and Construction Company for civil works in Uganda. We intend to expand our operations to other parts of East Africa in countries like South Sudan, Kenya, Tanzania, Burundi and Rwanda.

What you will Expect

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Civil And Electrical Works

Some of our services include Ware Houses, factories, Residential and multi-storey building construction.

Architectural Services

We provide architectural services and structural design for different construction projects.

Geotechnical Investigation

We offer Geotechnical Investigation and material testing services

Land survey and topography

Cedos has a team of qualified surveyors who are fully equipped with total stations, dumpy levels and theodolites. Services include plot boundary opening and mapping services.

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